Press release 210113 – Matters Group Expands

Christin Hertzberg

Sonia le Masne

We are delighted to announce two new senior consultants joining Matters Group.

Active from January, Christin Hertzberg has joined Matters Group. With over 10 years of experience within the field of sustainability, Christin is a valuable addition to our team. Her background in broadcasting, gaming and esports, fast-paced and continuously evolving industries, expands our areas of expertise. Her last position was as Head of Corporate Responsibility at MTG AB. 

“I am excited to join Matters Group and to help our clients find and develop their potential! Sustainability is on everybody’s mind and we are here to help our customers navigate through the jungle of rules, regulations as well as innovation, to come out better and stronger on the other side. Sustainability done well, not only future-proofs a business, but also gives a greater financial return and makes it more attractive to investors.” Christin Hertzberg, Senior Consultant

Sonia Le Masne also joins the team with a 10 years background in sustainability, as CSR leader at Mondelez and then consultant & facilitator in various sectors, including food, retail and luxury. Sonia believes in co-creation and in purpose. She likes to facilitate stakeholders collaborative approaches and to embed sustainability in brands’ strategy. 

”I am delighted to join Matters Group, a consultancy with great expertise in a variety of domains and which outlook and values I share entirely. We are entering a decisive decade, we need to join forces and help organisations achieve the ambitious and urgent transition that needs to occur!”  Sonia Le Masne, Senior Consultant

“At Matters Group, we are seeing a shift happening in the market. Corona is no longer stopping clients from planning strategically for the future, instead the pace of change is accelerating. Our relentless focus on strategic sustainability as a key driver for business and brands has proven to be very appreciated. The challenges and opportunities look very different depending on what sector, and it is therefore valuable to add all the sector expertise brought by Christin and Sonia to our team.” – Niclas Ihrén, CEO of Matters Group

About Matters Group:

At Matters Group we embrace the future. Matters Group is a strategic consultancy with focus on corporate sustainability. We focus on safe-guarding a positive future for our clients and for society. That means understanding the long-term transformative shifts that are happening around us in a world characterized by resource scarcity, digitalization, empowered individuals and total transparency. The regulatory landscape is also shifting quickly. We translate these shifts into actionable business strategy, innovation, partnerships and communication. Our consultants support brave organisations in taking lead as the future unfolds. We build our experience by co-creating the future together with our clients and partners. 

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