Think. Do. Matter.

We accelerate society and organizations towards sustainable progress together with brave leaders through co-created mind-shifting strategies and transformation.

Why we matter.

An outlook

Values, behaviours and markets are changing rapidly as a consequence of fundamental and urgent challenges threatening our environment and people alike. The status quo is failing. All around us we see how people and businesses are looking for new direction. We are entering an era of searching for new truths, which painfully calls for the abandoning of the obsolete ones.

The backdrop

We need to step up and move beyond reducing our negative impact and reshape our thinking, frameworks, and behaviors to find new and more meaningful ways of living and doing business. Radical rethinking is needed to redefine value creation in every stage of business. This is a time for inspired co-creation into the unknown.

Our contribution

We team up with client organizations in symbiotic partnerships to co-create transformational journeys into the emerging paradigm. Together, we envision the future, empower people, and co-create progress based on thought leadership, and leading collaboration platforms.

How we matter.

Sustainability issues are transformational by nature, and redraw markets. We support in the analysis and implementation of bold and powerful strategies meeting tough requirements, but also contributing to real impact. Systemic approaches are key and thorough understanding of disruptive changes to the market.

Informed by insights from the fields of transformational sustainability, innovation, psychology, and neuroscience, we facilitate strategic and creative processes to help organisations and leaders step out of the expected, to sense more deeply, lean into what wants to emerge, and unleash creative power.

Empower people through journeys of personal, team, and organizational growth through dedicated development efforts and new ways of working. Forward-leaning organisations meet increasing demands on grounded values, autonomy and sense of meaning.

We help you build capabilities to continuously renew through stakeholder-oriented innovation and transformation efforts, and ultimately unleash the collective creative power of your organization by encouraging self-management and ecosystem initiatives.

Who we are.

Niclas Ihrén

Founder, CEO and Strategic advisor
+46 7049 11 499

Daniel Oppenheim

Strategic advisor, Sustainability strategy
+46 7230 95 74 93

Aticka Chona

Director, Matters Group India,
Sustainable business expertise
+91 981 099 9926

Klara Nordström

Junior consultant, Corporate sustainability, Gender
+46 706 547 016

Thomas Kirkegaard

Strategic advisor, Innovation
+46 739 833 123

Petra Carlenarson

Strategic advisor, Sustainable cities
+46 708 96 25 55

Sonia Le Masne

Senior Consultant
+46 738 18 57 35

Christin Hertzberg

Senior Consultant
+46 709 993 381

What we’re up to.

Make it Matter

Make it Matter

The Covid-19 pandemic has marked the beginning of a new normal, and with only nine years remaining for us to meet the Sustainable Developmental Goals, it is pivotal to take actions that matter. Across sectors and businesses, there’s a push for collective action....

Navigating the pandemic: A New Normal for Corporate Sustainability

Navigating the pandemic: A New Normal for Corporate Sustainability

A one year reflection on what we have learnt about sustainability during the pandemic In my work as a management consultant, I am in dialogue with many companies regarding their long-term planning to stay competitive, to be sustainable and to add value to society. I’d...

Matters Group Expands

Matters Group Expands

Press release 210113 - Matters Group Expands We are delighted to announce two new senior consultants joining Matters Group. Active from January, Christin Hertzberg has joined Matters Group. With over 10 years of experience within the field of sustainability, Christin...

Who we work with.

A selection of clients and partners.

Smartroad Gotland is a unique pre-commercial demonstration project with the purpose of building knowledge for the future of electric roads in Sweden. The project contributes to achieve Sweden's strategy towards a fossil-free nation. This is done through a technology that reduces the need for fossil fuels for heavy transport by offering a cost-effective, sustainable and energy-efficient alternative. Matters Group is a partner in the Smartroad Gotland consortium and is responsible for communication around the project.

“The highly skilled and professional team from Matters Group provided strategic advice, guidance and recommendations into a highly complex and new area. Their effective process, leadership combined with an agile way of working was instrumental to shape our roadmap, not only in the Nordic region, but on a pan-European level.”

Samsung Well Connected is an European initiative to promote technology to enhance people's well-being and health. As society is digitized and people's lives become more and more connected, Samsung began to develop a concept of long-term contribution in this area 2018. Matters Group has been a strategic partner with Samsung Nordic on this topic since 2018.

We take part in coordination and governance for the development of the city area Sickla in Nacka municipality, Stockholm, Sweden. About 4500 new homes are to be built in this area, together with new or rebuilt infrastructure (metro, roads, lines and city facilities), office buildings, schools and pre-schools. The area consists both of common and private ground. Contact and negotiations with property developers are an important part of the project. Nacka municipality´s sustainability goals are tested in reality with other general goals.

"Matters Group has been a valuable partner to the management team in strategically developing Stendörren Fastigheter's sustainability work. Matters Group has an agile and flexible team and has sharp expertise and experience in the field of sustainability."

Stendörren is a fast-growing listed real estate company that owns, develops and manages premises in warehousing, logistics and industry. Matters Group has been strategic advisers and coaches to the management team since 2017 and has developed and operated the entire company's sustainability work during this time.


We accelerate society and organizations towards sustainable progress together with brave leaders through co-created mind-shifting strategies and transformation.

Stockholm, Sweden
New Delhi, India

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