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Matters Group helps you to differentiate and succeed.


Strategy is about focus and about doing things differently. We map your possibilities for smart growth by rethinking your business, based on applicable mega trends and industry trends and back casting into a strategy that sets you apart.


The communication landscape is completely changed. Total transparency is the expectation and norm. Social media gains power, centralised corporate communications loose. We help rethinking communication strategies in the new landscape.


Most industries will look very different ten years from now. Reinvent yourself or die. But innovation becomes more powerful in open, multi-stakeholder approaches. IPR slows you down, paradoxically. We help to mobilize your innovative powers.


In most organizations the main challenge is not to come up with smart things to do, but rather how to make them happen. We have worked with large and small organizations regarding activation and built a strong toolbox for business integration. We know how to create powerful KPI and reporting frameworks that actually works and deliver value. We also know when its best to run initiatives externally to succeed.


We constantly stay at the forefront regarding trends regarding corporate sustainability, sustainable consumption, communication trends, and business shifts. We are regularly asked to hold entertaining and enlightening seminars or workshops trying to look into the crystal ball to understand the future a little better.

About Matters Group

Matters Group was founded in 2014 by Niclas Ihrén with a network of senior consultants
Radical issues and change can be managed better.

We create value for clients with creative and engaging methods, built on long experience and the latest insights. We have strong foresight and research through collaboration with leading thought-leaders and think tanks. We love the future, and to make it positive together with our clients. That means understanding the long-term transformative shifts that are happening around us in a world characterized by resource scarcity, digitization, empowered individuals and total transparency. We translate these shifts into actionable business strategy, innovation and communication. For years, our consultants have supported brave organisations in taking lead as the future unfolds. We build our experience by co-creating the future together with our clients and partners.

  • The Future is a Web

    Everything is interconnected. People and things. Everything is available to everybody, everywhere. Transparency, adaptability and network is key.

  • The future is co-created

    A blueprint for the future is missing. The best way forward is driven by impact, vision and is co-created step-by-step together with your stakeholders.

  • The future is people

    Probing into changing future lifestyles is important, and diversity matters. Addressing segregation, justice and health.

  • The future is resource radical

    Resources are being redefined through service shift, circular models and radical scarcity. Stay ahead.


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